Side Effets of Insomnia

What are the effects of insomnia? If you've ever had a sleepless night then you know just how miserable you feel the next day. There's not a single act that you perform throughout your normal daily routine that doesn't serve as a reminder of how tired and miserable you are. Perhaps you're able to lean on a few cups of coffee to help you sustain. This is common and will help many of you through the first moments of your day. This indeed will wear off as the day progresses. Once this happens, you're where you started the day if not in worse shape. You're feeling sluggish, having trouble focusing and irritable. Your overall sense of wellbeing makes you feel as if you're being dragged through the dirt the entire day.

Any one of these feelings is manageable. You will work yourself through the day just as you always have and soon enough you will be able to go home and get some rest. That is, of course, unless the cycle repeats itself. As miserable as we may be every day, we endure and make it through to live another day. Many times the next day being just like the one before it. We endure.

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